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Saudi Marketing Company (Farm Superstores)

It is one of the leading companies in the field of trade, retail and import in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Farm Superstores operates a chain of 91 stores of major stores concentrated in the eastern, central, western, southern and northern regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to 13 small stores serving high-end residential complexes .

How to Write a Professional Business Email

This course enables employees to identify the basic elements of a professional email. Moreover, it sheds light on how to write a professional email by adopting several rules and templates.

About Academy

About Academy

Coinciding with the great expansion achieved by the Saudi Marketing Company (Farm Markets), in several regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the management’s desire to sustainably invest in the knowledge of the company’s members using digital and technical means, the company has established an electronic (Farm Training Academy) to contribute to raising the efficiency of its employees and creating opportunities to empower national competencies to engage in retail trade, by providing training and development services remotely, sharing values, goals, and aspirations, and transferring training to a level that meets the aspirations of farm markets.

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