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It is one of the leading companies in the field of trade, retail and import in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Farm Markets operates a chain of 85 supermarkets concentrated in the eastern, central, western, southern and northern regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to 17 small stores serving high-end residential complexes. .

English for Retail

Retailing is important for the creators, customers, as well as the economy. Retail stores are the places where most of the actual sales to the customers take place. They act as both a marketing tool for the brands and a support tool for the customers to exchange and communicate important information. Besides this, retailing is a great asset to the economy

How to Write a Business Email

One of the quickest means for organizations to communicate with suppliers, clients, potential customers, and staff is through Business emails. Emails allow you to connect with people worldwide, and it is one of the concise, quick, cost-effective, personal, and professional ways of communication. One of the striking features of emails is the ability to communicate with over one person. Email plays a vital role in modern business communication.

About Academy

About Academy

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