How to Write a Professional Business Email

How to Write a Professional Business Email


By: Mohammed Hussein  


Do you think that writing a professional business email is a difficult task? In Fact, it is not so easy or too difficult if you follow the guidelines of writing a professional email provided in my presentation and if your English is perfect. There are four main parts in the formal business email: the subject line, the salutation, the main body and a closing.

The Subject Line

The subject line is the deciding factor in whether your email is read or deleted. It should be a phrase not a sentence. The more formal your email is, the more detailed your subject line should be. However, you should avoid too long subject lines. An example of a good subject line is “Required Meeting for students”.

The Salutation

Moreover, the second part which is the salutation directly addresses the person you are sending the email to or the recipient. Dear Mr. Ali or Mrs. Al – Ghamdi is an example of a formal salutation and it should be followed by a greeting like “Good morning and how you are today?” If you are writing a reply to an email, you can add this sentence “Thanks for getting in touch “.

The Main Body

The third part is the main body, which should not exceed one paragraph. It should be brief and concise. In other words, you should put very essential information at the beginning of an email. For example, you can start by using this sentence. I am writing this email to inform you that _____________.

Clear Closing

The fourth important element of an email is writing a clear closing. If you are not specific, the recipient may be confused or distracted. It is better to end your email by writing a sentence like “I look forward to hearing from you”.  The most important thing in writing the four parts of an email is to avoid contractions, slang words and fragments of sentences.

To sum up, the subject line, the salutation, the main body and a closing are so essential elements of a formal email. Without any element. The email looks poor and informal . It is recommended for all business owners to train their employees how to write a professional email, otherwise they may lose their loyal customers.


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